Friday, August 5

Dr. James Dobson for President? -- doubtful

Kaye Grogan's latest column suggests Dr. James Dobson as president. The headline reads, "Write in James Dobson for President . . . in 2008" I personally doubt it, but have fun dreaming.

Not because I don't think he would be a solid political leader, but because all evidence points to the fact that his calling and his heart is in grassroots leadership, moral issues, and the most important one--the Family. I don't see how he could remain faithful and focused to his life calling by going into public service.

It would serve ambitious and potential political candidates to note: Character, courage, and moral upright values matter and will get you elected. Stand for what is right, don't deviate, and American will stand with you. This is the kind of leadership we desire!
A recent poll (which is questionable) conducted by the Gallop Organization shows that Senator John McCain, and former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani are favored above Hillary Clinton or Senator John Kerry to win the presidency. Well, since all three of these possible presidential candidates have major flaws on issues that I hold dear — I guess I'll write in James Dobson. At least he focuses on the family.
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