Tuesday, August 2

Sunday talk shows said to lack diversity--Not of the Black kind

Oh, pooh! Someone is feeling underrepresented. If the TV networks are not going to Black experts maybe its because they are not that many? I don't know, but next thing they are going to start asking networks to establish on-air expert quotas--say, at least half of all guests should be black?

Let me tell you about another underrepresentation--conservative, faith-believing individuals. And when they do have a Christian or a Conservative, its to ridicule them. Then, they bring on the "so-called" religious person, either a priest or a pastor or someone, but they pick the wackiest or craziest, or they bring in a liberal. This just got to illustrate that there is serious lack of intelectual diversity in the main stream media. Forget blacks--this is a bigger problem. No diversity of ideas.
WASHINGTON -- Only about 8 percent of guests on major Sunday morning talk shows during the last 18 months were African-American, with three people accounting for most of those appearances, according to a new study by the National Urban League.

Black guests -- newsmakers, the journalists who questioned them, and experts who offered commentary -- appeared 176 times out of more than 2,100 opportunities, according to the study, which is scheduled for release today. But 122 of those appearances were made by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former secretary of state Colin L. Powell, and Juan Williams, a journalist and panel member on ''Fox News Sunday."

''There's very clearly a division, an exclusion," said Stephanie J. Jones, executive director of the Urban League Institute for Opportunity and Equality, which initiated the study, ''Sunday Morning Apartheid: A Diversity Study of the Sunday Morning Talk Shows."