Wednesday, August 3

Forbes Rates Best of the Web Blogs

Interesting collections from on the best of the web for Summer 2005. It's to bad I did not see any Latino blogs reviewed or featured. There are some great blogs out there. With the growing importance of immigrant issues, Forbes should pay closer attention to this segment.

This from Matthew Schifrin, Editor:
This summer we have trained our sights on the rapidly growing world of blogs, also known as the "blogosphere". We identify the best blogs in categories ranging from Art and Literary Blogs, to Small Business, Marketing, Shopping and Music Blogs.
Here is what Forbes reviewed for the Political cateogry.

Polite, bipartisan and civil discussions are for wussies. In the realm of political blogs, pundits say what they won't say on television. Online, liberals call Democrat Joe Biden "The Senator from Bank of America," and conservatives turn the phrase "maverick" often used to describe Senator John McCain, into a sneering insult. Though many expected interest in these blogs to wane after the 2004 elections, the U.S. government has taken notice. The vast majority of political bloggers are left leaning but real estate on the World Wide Web is free so there are a growing number of more conservative commentators coming online. In June, the Federal Election Commission held hearings about possibly regulating political Weblog content under campaign finance laws. Hopefully, the government will stay away from a medium where speech really is free. -- Michael Maiello