Tuesday, September 13

Anti-Wal-Mart Picketers Hired by Union for $6/Hour, No Benefits to Protest in Over 100 Degree Temps

This has to be the best link on Drudge Report today. The hipocricy of United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) knows no bound. Perhaps UFCW should be more carefull about who they hire to picket--even the protestor agrees Wall Mart paid well, and said he would consider going back to work for Wall Mart.
The union accuses Wal-Mart of dragging down wages and working conditions for other grocery-store workers across the nation. "Whether you work or shop at Wal-Mart, the giant retailer's employment practices affect your wages. Wal-Mart leads the race to the bottom in wages and health-care," says the UFCW's website. "As the largest corporation in the world, Wal-Mart has a responsibility to the people who built it. Wal-Mart jobs offer low pay, inadequate and unaffordable healthcare, and off the clock work."

But standing with a union-supplied sign on his shoulder that reads, Don't Shop WalMart: Below Area Standards, picketer and former Wal-Mart employee Sal Rivera says about the notorious working conditions of his former big-box employer: "I can't complain. It wasn't bad. They started paying me at $6.75, and after three months I was already getting $7, then I got Employee of the Month, and by the time I left (in less than one year), I was making $8.63 an hour." Rivera worked in maintenance and quit four years ago for personal reasons, he says. He would consider reapplying.