Monday, September 12

Telesur signal not available to Cuban TV viewers

This is a little old, but very interesting nevertheless. This was writen by Ariel Delgado Covarrubias and was transmited via phone to, as the Cuban government controls all access to the Internet. You can read the original article in Spanish here as well as the English summarized version here.

HAVANA, August 25 ( - Although Cuba is a shareholder in the new Telesur television network organized by Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, viewers on the island can't find the channel on their dial.

When the signal went on the air in late July, Cubans thought they'd have a fifth channel to watch to provide a change from the programming on the four government stations. Instead, an educational channel carries a news selection called "the best of Telesur" while news stories credited to Telesur appear on newscasts on other channels.

But the complete programming available in other countries is not available in Cuba, which has a 19% investment in Telesur. The Venezuelan government has a 51% share and the governments of Argentina and Uruguay 20% and 10%, respectively.

Chávez urged the creation of Telesur as a means to promote Latin American integration. Telesur's president is Venezuela's communications minister, Andrés Izarra.

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