Friday, September 16

Swedish Feminist Party Wants To End Marriage has a post to a story about the Swedish Feminist Party, and their push for the abolition of marriage. Mark my words, this is where gay marriage will take us here in the United States if we continue to allow fringe ideologies to drive public policy.

Now, I realize a lot of you may not get the connection, so I encourage you to look at the statistics in Netherlands, and other countries where gay marriage is the norm--marriage is on the decline. I don't care what you think, declining marriages is NOT good for a society. And yes, the divorce trends in this country are just as alarming and socially speaking, just as harmful. I realize many of you may have gone through divorce, and I don't know what that feels like.

But, talking strictly about social cause-and-effect, a propagation of divorce as the solution to break downs in relationship (or poor choice of spouse in the first place) is detrimental to society and to future generations. Take a look at New Orleans--I am no scientist, but I would bet you will find a HIGH rate of children with single parents. I heard John McWhorter on the Laura Ingraham show a couple days ago, where he said that 73% of births in Louisiana are born to unwed mothers. The point is that the further breakdown of marriage will have real and detrimental harm to ALL of society--economically, socially, and culturally.
In a social welfare state such as Sweden, the continual urge to tinker becomes irresistible. Although this might qualify as a bit more than tinkering. The Copenhagen Post highlights a report that a new political party, The Swedish Feminist Initiative (Swedish, "Feministiskt initiativ") has announced as an aim the legislative abolition of marriage.
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