Friday, September 16

Traveling to South Africa, Guest Bloggers Needed


I just wanted to let readers know that I will be traveling to South Africa this coming week, and will be in flight over the weekend. So, this means very little to no posts. Because during my time in South Africa I will be away from a computer, and may have little Internet access, I am not sure how much I will be posting next week.

I would like to invite regular readers to email me with guest-posts for me to include here in Latino Issues. You are welcome to include your nam,e, blog address, and email at the end of your guest-post as a way for me to say thank you. I would really enjoy getting some diverse perspectives to be included, though they should be from a TRUTH basis. I am pro-life, conservative, and from a judeo-Christian worldview. While I don't expect my guest bloggers to be of any particular faith, there should be an intent to seek Truth (real Truth, not the liberal kind). I have never had a guest blogger, so for now, I think you can email your final, spell-checked essay, news story, or commentary to jmsierra_AT_josuesierra_dot_net.

One Idea: I would like to have guest blog on abortion and how that issue is affecting the Latino community.

You don't have to be Latino, you CAN be controversial, and you can speak about any subject of interest and value to US citizens. I would specially like to get some guest posts about Colorado politics, the SCOTUS nomination process, Katrina reconstruction efforts, or any recent immigration stories out there.

Well, I hope this request gets a lot of response. I will be back here on the 27th, and I just may pop in a few times and do some blogging from South Africa if I am able to get an Internet connection.

Best Regards,

Josue Sierra
A Latino Conservative Blogger

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