Tuesday, September 13

Honduras Part of the War on Terror, Sending Men to Iraq

El Heraldo, a Honduran Spanish national newspaper, is reporting on the second group of Honduran's to travel to Iraq to work in security related posts.
"These guards will work in security related activities in Iraq, after "Your Solutions Honduras" corporation moved to increase the number of Hondurans that are working in Iraq.

It's important to note that the first group of 12 laborers left for Iraq this last 26 of July to work under a six month long contract. They are working in Bagdad, the capital of Iraq, where it is expected the second group will be working as well.
It's good to see our Latino nations doing a small part to fight terror. At the same time, these are diverse and better paying job opportunities for these men. Benjamín Canales, an executive with "Your Solutions Honduras" is quoted at UOL, a portugese language web site, stating that the Honduran security guards are being paid a monthly salary of $990 U.S. dollars. The names of the Hondurans traveling to Iraq has not been released.

UOL states that according to sources, "Your Solutions Honduras" is providing housing, meals, health and other benefits. Between Agust 2003 to May of 2004, it is reported that Honduras has kept near 370 military personel as part of a UN peace keeping contingent.