Saturday, September 17

The White House: Hunting for a Nominee, "An Enigma will not Satisfy the Base"

Good up-to-date info over at I'm glad to hear that Gonzalez is still not being considered. If he is nominated, I will blog up a storm. Gonzalez is not acceptable, and will continue to weaken the constitution. He may be a good lawyer, and a friend of the president, but that does not make him a good judge.
The President is still not considering Gonzales.
Here is the round up of what is being considered so far, according to the source.
So, who will it be? Larry Thompson's name is still in play. Michael Luttig's' name is back up. Edith Jones's name is also in play. Owen's name is there, but she is now considered less likely. This is all to say that I have no idea other
than it will not be me.