Thursday, March 23

A former aide spills the dirt on Fidel Castro

HT: Drudge Report. You got to read this story.

As part of Fidel and Raúl Castro's inner circle, Delfín Fernández learned titillating secrets -- everything from why the Cuban leader incinerates his dirty underwear to his cravings for pricey Spanish ham.

Oh, Fidel's former gofer confirms, too, the heftier ''secrets'' that Cuba experts have talked about for years: how the brothers assemble dossiers on foreign businessmen who want to invest in Cuba, for instance.

It's Fernández's knowledge about Fidel Castro's dirty laundry, though -- literally and figuratively -- that has made him a cause célbre in South Florida. No detail about the Castro brothers seems too small for sharing with the world.

Fernandez believes Raul will open up the Cuban economy and society, for the sake of getting rich. I don't know that this makes sense. I don't think there will be anywhere Raul will be able to hide, regardless.

Fernández paints Raúl Castro, who runs Cuba's armed forces and by extention much of its economy, as more practical and family oriented than his older brother, an analysis echoed by Latell in his book After Fidel.

''Raúl likes the money -- he has a transition plan,'' Fernández said. ``Fidel doesn't. I think Raúl would want to lead an economic transformation, and ultimately find a way to retire peacefully with his family with all the money he has stolen from the Cuban people over the years and taken out of the country.''