Friday, March 24


I am a son of immigrants. My parents are Cuban. But I am an American, born in the United States, and sworn loyal to my country. It is days like these that make life harder for people like me.

Illegal immigration is wrong, a crime, and the most harmed are the immigrants themselves. Those who defend illegal immigration, or rationalize it with social or economic reasons, are just plain wrong. It divides families. It facilitates corruption and ineptitude in Latin American countries that are shoring up their weak economies on American dollars. Most importantly, illegal status of illegal immigrants discourages assimilation and integration. This has serious, negative, long term, social and economic consequences for the immigrant, and the immigrant's family.

The story that inspired this rant:

What concerns me most is the involvement of students--highschool kids! I wonder how much La Raza and MECHA had influence in these protests? Anyone look into whether the highschools of the students involved have MECHA club?

What will it take? What will get America to take this issue with the seriousness it takes? Are we going to wait until we have a full-blown, violent separatist movement? We might already be there, as it is!