Tuesday, March 21

Guillermo "Coco" Fariñas Barely Alive

Update: Read BabaluBlogs comments on the blogosphere's coverage of this story, and his reaction to Instapundit's comments about it.


Keep this freedom fighter in your prayers. He is a one-man David fighting against the socialist Goliath. The rest of the blogosphere needs to join in and keep the attention on this story. The world has to long tolerated the inhumanities of Fidel Castro.

Cuba Net has more on the story. (Spanish)

La Ventanita has a moving commentary. I join him in thanking Pajamas Media, all the Cuban Bloggers, Reuters, CNN and some newspapers for carrying this story.
"Coco" as he is affectionately called by his family and friends, is now in his 50th day of his hunger strike. Fifty-days without solid food or water. A hunger strike that he undertook to demand from the Bearded Stooge his right to freely access the internet so he can continue his work as independent journalist and director of Cubanacan Press (Independent Cuban Press).
A special commendation has to go to La Ventanita for his relentless attention to this story. He has links to a series of posts on this issue. Make sure to get up to date.

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