Tuesday, March 21

Minuteman Project Plans New Border Patrol

From the AP:

A controversial civilian border patrol group is planning a return to Arizona in two weeks to again confront the problem of illegal immigration.

Some say the original Minuteman Project conducted in April 2005 in Cochise County and a subsequent patrol in October brought increased national attention to the Arizona stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Regardless if you agree with their tactics or not, this is clear.
  1. American's are tired of our lack of effective border security and the lack of effective make-sense immigration policy.
  2. American's are tired of political correctness damaging our educational institutions.
  3. American's are tired of guests who abuse their welcome.
Rev. Robin Hoover
"The thing we objected to here is it brought out a lot of nativist sentiment and that's not America at its best," said the Rev. Robin Hoover, president of Tucson-based Humane Borders.
I agree, but this is not the Minutemen's fault. This is a result of pent-up frustrations as a result of inaction by our government. This is frustration at the political correctness that has driven our immigration policy for much to long.

The fact is that the Minutemen project is symptomatic of a broken immigration policy.
"If the Senate does not pass a border security bill soon, you are going to see our numbers double probably by the end of the summer," he said. "People are frustrated and I think this political process of coming to the border and setting up a lawn chair and saying, `We have the will to do it,' sends a strong message to Washington, D.C."
If our elected representatives want to promote healing, prevent the rise of racism and nativists, all they need to do is move quickly in enacting strong border security, effective enforcement of current immigration laws, and common sense labor laws that allows our economic labor needs to be met in a safe, legal way.
  1. Start punishing employers who break the law by openly hiring illegals.
  2. Start providing for proper legal way for workers to immigrate. Our quotas are not realistic in terms of our economic needs.
  3. Put a stop to multiculturalist PC policies that discourage or hamper integration and assimilation.
Like I said, regardless of what you think of the Minutemen project, you have to give them credit for bringing attention to the issue, and keeping the attention there. Perhaps history will acknowledge their contribution in saving us from a collapse as a result of years of lack of immigration policy and enforcement.