Wednesday, March 29

Latino or Hispanic? Whats in a name.

BabaluBlog said it best. Make sure to read the whole thing.

First, there is no such thing as a "latino" race. There is no such thing as an "hispanic" race. Both terms are contrived and used solely for census purposes. There is no such country as "latinolandia" and Hispaniola is technically half of an island in the Caribbean.

Second, I am not nor will I ever be part of "La Raza." Nor do I agree or support their current protests. Some of you may, but I do not.

Third, I have never and will never, despite having many issues with the government of the United States throughout the years, burn a flag of the United States of America. I am Cuban by birth, American by the grace of God. And a darned proud, dignified, thankful and respectful American.

Advice to Mexicans: Fire your "La Raza" so-called leadership. They will destroy any chance you have of making a better life for yourself in America.