Saturday, April 1

A time of rest and some thoughts for discussion

I'll be spending the weekend at my in-laws, so expect below-average blogging. I'll still try to check in at least once or twice during the day, but its warm and breezy outside, and my wife is in a great mood!! That means the last thing I want to do is be staring at the glow of my lap top.

Here is a thought in light of the current immigration debate. I love America. I love it so much, I found particularly attractive that my wife was from a traditional American family. They have made me feel completely welcome, and despite the "loudness" of my family, and strangeness of my taste in food, my ethnic background has never been an issue.

My wife loves cooking Cuban food for me, and for her relatives as well. She does a real good job too! She bakes Cuban bread, which I've heard is quite difficult to bake.

My point: assimilation and integration are NOT bad things. The fact that I seek to assimilate does not mean I instantly forget, hate or attempt to hide my past. It does not mean I don't appreciate it, and at times, even celebrate it. But I don't flaunt it, and I certainly don't swear allegiance to any other flag. Of course, I am a son of refugees. My life is here now. My parents may some day choose to return to Cuba, when Castro's criminal regime ends. I won't. Not because I don't care about my parent's heritage, but because it is not my life.

Someday, I hope my children will learn about Cuba and its history. It will ad value to their education. I hope they will learn Spanish...and a third language if possible--it will make them more competitive in the global marketplace. But they will be 100% Americans, sworn to one flag.

What do you think? Consider this an open discussion. What is your experience with assimilation--yours or someone you know? Do I show lack of cultural respect for my perspective? I would love to hear from Cuban born exiles on this.

Share your thoughts. I will publish them on a later post, with links to your blog if you so wish.

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