Saturday, April 1

Castro is targeting Venezuela's Cuban immigrant farmers

It's like a bad nightmare that keeps coming back. I grew up with stories from my Grandfather of the sugarcane fields. My "abuelo" had his own sugarcane plant in the back yard of his Hialeah home, and every time we visited (about once a year during childhood) we would beg him to go out back and chop down a piece for our own enjoyment. I still love chewing on the sweet sugarcane wedges whenever I get a chance. I believe Sedanos sells the small bags of freshly cut sugarcane, as well as a ice-cold glass of "guarapa".

How many more people will die in Venezuela from the poverty and famine this bastard is causing. How much longer will America look the other way, while castro exports his death-sentence socialism throughout South America? How many more have to die!!!??

Mora reports at

After fleeing castro in the 1960s for the then-undeveloped farmlands of remote parts of Venezuela, my farmer [Daniel] now sees castro coming right back for him and his productive and beautiful sugar lands. Make no mistake, castro continues to harbor dreams of retaking dominance in the sugar industry he already drove into the ground in Cuba. That's why he's looking further afield to Venezuela. He will do the exact same thing to Venezuela's sugar fields as he did to Cuba's.

It's not well known but castro has taken over every key office of the Venezuelan agricultural office. And castro's special target is Cuban immigrants who made this land in Venezuela flourish.