Saturday, April 1

Patriotism, American Values, and Assimilation

This is one of the many reasons I think La Raza does more harm to the Mexican immigrant community. They mix socialist ideas with multiculturalism and the oldie-but-goodie "right of self determination," hence the separatist and "reconquista" ideals taking root.
Oftentimes, those who support a more liberalized immigration policy accuse those favoring a more restrictive one of paranoia for suggesting that there are those who fight against assimilation. Yet, here is an open admission that assimilation is considered "dangerous" to hispanic communities, and that things such as patriotism and traditional values are threatening as well.
National Review has posted a letter which was sent by Dr. Michele Waslin, Director of Immigration Policy Research for the National Council of La Raza. In the letter, Dr. Waslin states some objections to the Alexander/Cornyn citizenship bill, S. 1815. The NCLR "thinks there are at least 3 big problems" with the bill, and number three on this list is a jaw-dropper.
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