Thursday, June 30

CAFTA Faces a Battle in House

Maybe US sugar producers should stop taking hand-outs from the government, and actually improve their business processes and get more competitive. How is it possible that we pay more for sugar than the global average? That is ridiculous!

U.S. sugar producers are dead-set against CAFTA because it would cut back
U.S. quotas that block most foreign sugar from the U.S. market. American
farmers produce more than 80 percent of the sugar that's consumed in the
United States. U.S. farmers whose corn, beets and cane are turned into sugar
want to keep things that way, though U.S. consumers pay more for sugar than
the global average as a result.
We have discussed border security and the huge problem of illegal immigration. Well, here is part of the possible solution. CAFTA would help Central American countries improve their economies. Ultimately, this is good for us. Central America may not be a great source of imports right now, but keeping out neighbor's economies stable and strong is always good for security. Specially, when we can do it without giving out handouts.