Monday, June 27

What About Conservative Hispanics?

Can a conservative Hispanics win an election in the west coast? It's good to see Hispanics getting involved, and participating in the political process. But, I wonder if someone like me could win an election? I know I possibly could in South FL, where conservative Cubans have a strong presence, but what about cities like LA, NY or even here in Colorado?

I am concerned that there is much to much anger out there among Hispanic political activists. Negative politics never helped anyone, and to stand on a platform of "what is wrong" won't fix anything. Where are the real honest solutions to the complex problems of our communities? The truth is that Hispanic leadership will not solve the problems and challenges of the Hispanic communities on their own. Integration, understanding, and adoption of the classic American Dream is essential for success.

This is not just an American value--it is a true classic judeo-Christian value system that engendered western civilization. It's not that far out. Hispanics are hard working. Hispanics believe in the family. Why is it that the society must adapt and understand the Hispanic culture? Hispanics should work harder at understanding and adapting to the American culture--particularly in the positive areas of life. I don't advocate immigrants adopt our materialistic, short-sighted, debt-ridden, and superficial life that MTV and Madison Avenue advocate. But, enough of this call for representation, and lets get more action.

For any Hispanics reading this, forgive me if I come across as insensitive. I have not experienced racism. I have never experienced barriers to my education, work, or social integration. Don't get me wrong--it has be tough paying for school, but it's happening. Gaining a good job, and career has been a challenge, but I'm working at it. And in regards to social integration, I find my wife's family have never made my race an issue. To them, I am different, yet as much American as any one of them. Both sides of the family have had to do some learning and adapting, but neither have made a big deal of it.

Now there is an idea--more Hispanics should marry interracially. If more anglo's and Asians and Hispanics where inter-marrying, perhaps we would all gain a stronger understanding of each other.

It's a work in progress. Let's not get carried away with the negativism, and victim mentality. There are no victims! Each one chooses how to respond to the problems and challenges of this world--yes, even those that come at the hand of racists.