Monday, June 27

Imigration: One cannot have their cake and eat it too.

Here is a great letter on the Magic City Morning Star.

On your statement of "Those of the Minuteman-like groups who argue their position Beg the Question because they assume the dump truck of statistical speculation they dump into your lap really supports their contention that ALL "Legal/Illegal Mexican Migrant Workers" are: (all criminally motivated)"

The reality is Doug, we cannot have it both ways. We either address them all, which includes mainly nice (but illegal) families, or we address none of them, which include illegal alien gang-bangers, terrorists and drug lords. So far, it is we (The U.S.) basically address none of it.

We cannot differentiate between the two.

In the Denver shooting, if you were to ask Raul’s Gomez-Garcia’s employer or Raul's Los Angeles family, or his Denver girlfriend, he would be considered a real nice guy. If you were to ask Detective Young’s wife (now widow), or the Denver PD, he is a NOT nice guy. It is all in the perspective. One cannot have their cake and eat it too. As my mom [says], fish or cut bait. Do something 100% or do nothing 100%.
I realize that when we talk about the immigration problem, there are hundreds are very nice, hard working illegal immigrants, but that doesn't change the fact that they came into the country illegally. This is a problem!

I am in no way advocating stopping the flow of immigration. This country was founded on the back of hard working immigrants. I believe quotas should be eliminated. But, I also believe everyone who is in this country should be documented.

Here is an idea. All illegal immigrants should be given a 90 or 180 day deadline to return to their country of origin. After a certain set period of time, should they prove they have no criminal record, have been able to retain a good job, and be good citizens, then they should all be allowed to return to the US. Of course, individuals with criminal intent would never go for this, so after cleaning up and differentiating between the honest illegal hard working immigrants and the criminal elements, we can then clean up our streets.

Before all of this, we should secure our boarders. No more illegal entry. Put up a fence, build a wall, increase guards--whatever it takes. By the way, this is for Canada as well. We don't need criminal elements from the Northern border entering our country either. Everyone likes talking about the dangerous Central American illegal immigrants that import gang violence, but there is a clear and present danger from the border with Canada that needs to be addressed as well.