Wednesday, June 29

Illegal Imigrant = Hispanic ??

Here is someone that does not make the automatic assumption, and the Democrats just get all defensive. Who is assuming what?
A May 27 story in the Greeley Tribune quoted Allard as saying the more illegal immigration there is, "the more crime you have." The story was about his opposition to a bill that would allow undocumented workers to apply for permanent residency.

Colorado Democratic Party Chairwoman Pat Waak called on Allard to apologize and assailed his remarks as "another example of Republican attitudes toward the Latino community."

Allard said Tuesday that his comments to the paper were taken out of context. He said he was referring to smugglers who abandon or enslave illegal immigrants and are involved in drug and crime rings. He said he never mentioned ethnicity and, in fact, based his remarks on media accounts of the plight of women and children from around the world.

"I think the chair of the Democratic Party owes an apology to the Hispanic community for identifying all illegal immigrants as Hispanics," Allard said.

Discussion of illegal immigration usually alludes to Hispanics because most of the undocumented workers in Colorado come from Mexico and other Latin American countries, Waak said.

"Nobody's confused here about what was meant and what was said," she added.

Someone is clearly confused!