Monday, June 27

The Difference Between Legal and Illegal immigration

Here is another great letter to the Magic City Morning Star. I agree with this gentleman's assessment of what are the issues here.
Legal immigration is the means by which we think all immigration should take place. Period. Immigration policy and quotas should be set by the American voter or their representatives in accordance with the prevailing American interest.
While I agree that it is the decision of the American voter, I do hope the American voter would not react and respond to irrational fears. I do like Mr. Donnelly's thinking on this--creating legal immigration quotas does nothing for illegal immigration. It probably only creates a greater demand for the illegal alien smugglers (coyotes). Mr. Donnelly continues;
We would like our immigration laws enforced, all of them, now. Period. We think the law should be applied in spite of race, not because of it. In fact, our opposition, the Latino activists and politicians seeks to create a protected class on the basis solely of race in order to gain "rights" for its "citizens" and a power base for themselves. What is funny is that they are the only group fighting for extra-legal status. You do not see Canadian or African or Asian illegal aliens protesting in the streets, advocating the deportation of all European Americans back to Europe.

Many at this time are calling for restricting legal immigration due to the massive influx of illegal aliens.

My own personal thought is that this is about as fair as passing new restrictions on gun ownership that only hurt the law-abiding and never impact the criminal, who is misusing the gun in the first place. [emphasis mine]
Here is a solid follow up by the editor, Ken Anderson.

What many fail to realize, or refuse to acknowlege, is that recent legal immigrants to our country are even more immediately harmed by rampant illegal immigration than are the rest of us.

While racism may be a motivating factor for some, I am certain they are in the minority. Yet I can understand that this may appear to be the more obvious reason for those who haven't thought it through clearly.

-- Ken Anderson
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