Wednesday, June 29

Hispanic Baby Boom

I have said it before, but all the evidence points to the fact that Hispanics will be paying for a bigger chunk of the sinking Social Security fund. Here are the reasons why the Hispanics demographic is becoming more and more important.

But, not to be one-sided; Hispanics need to wake up, start paying attention, and prepare to properly engage as a political and social influence. Truth is, Hispanics do not have a good history of electing great leaders (just look at Latin American Political History; It's sad). My biggest concern is that Hispanics within the US have an entitlement mentality. While most Hispanics are hard working, the Liberals and big government ideals will culturally destroy us.

Nevertheless, the parties better start listening closer. Corporate American better move beyond the token attempt at reaching Hispanics, and get serious about diversity (not because of some feel-good reason--I'm talking about pure economics here). I would like to see how the 501(c)4's will do to bring in this key demographic.

Check out the article on Hispanic Business News.

June 28, 2005
Steven Thomma

A Hispanic baby boom could surge into American politics in the next few years, adding to the growing political clout of the nation's largest minority group, a new study predicted Monday.

Two demographic trends are merging to produce the boom -- immigration and a higher birth rate among Hispanic women than the rest of the population. Of America's entire population growth from 2000 to 2004, about 5.7 million people -- or half the total -- were Hispanics. Of them, one-third weren't yet old enough to vote.

Whether they vote, and which party they vote for, remains to be seen. But the fact that they are part of the fastest-growing population group in the country suggests that they could change U.S. politics even if only a fraction participates -- provided they tilt decisively to one party in a nation still fairly evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.

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