Monday, August 15

Castro's Cuba - Interview with Author Humberto Fontova

Great interview with Humberto Fontova. I have highlighted his thoughts on why Cuba has appeared to be so quiet over the past 50 years. Maybe this also explains the AP story on Castro's birthday and the media bias in general.
RM: How come the scene in Cuba appears to have been so quiet over the past 50 years?

HF: "Appears" is the key word here. And it's because Castro is a master worldwide media manipulator. One of the most ferocious civil wars fought in this hemisphere was actually fought by Cuban freedom-fighters against Fidel's army and it's Soviet advisors. The war lasted from 1959-1966. Raul Castro himself said his army was up against 179 "counterrevolutionary bands." La Guerra Olvidada'"my friend Enrique Encinosa calls it in his book by the same name. Alas, as always, these anti-Communist freedom-fighters fought alone. The Kennedy-Krushcev swindle pulled the rug out from under them. They were slaughtered, much like the Hungarians earlier. No "dauntless crusaders for the truth" (as Columbia journalism schools labels its graduates,) were around to report on THIS war, none to "embed" themselves, etc.--as they had in droves when Castro's "guerrillas"(petty crooks, bored adolescents and winos playing army on week-ends) were in the hills and "fighting" (mostly bribing) Batista's forces. See:

RM: Why does such a large portion of Hollywood defend Castro?

HF: He personifies Anti-Americanism. He's been it's symbol for half a century. Naturally none of those Hollywood idiots realize that Castro was actually put in power by the U.S. (according to Earl Smith U.S. Ambassador to Cuba at the time, the CIA was the most Fidelista of all the U.S. agencies at the time!, closely followed by the State Dept.!) and the U.S. has been protecting Castro against exile attacks since the Kennedy-Krushcev swindle. The "gallant underdog" Castro has actually survived lo these many decades by hiding behind the skirts of the two most powerful nations in human history. Call him a shrewd diplomat for sure, but cut the "David vs Goliath" bit, please. More importantly, Fidel, Raul Che, Camilo and co. were the first hippies--beatniks actually. They burst upon the cultural scene at just the right moment. The "beat generation" was just getting on it's legs. Allen Ginsberg actually spoke at Harvard right before Castro in April 1959. Castro and co. were the first long-hairs, etc. The image stuck despite the most appalling evidence to the contrary. See:
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