Friday, August 19

Kansas, Attorney General Phill Kline Wants Abortion Funding Stopped

News from the AP on the battle for life happening in Kansas. This is a bold move by Attorney General Phill Kline. Let's pray and hope for a positive outcome. Kansas residents may want to keep an eye on this man. He seems to have a strong backbone and a needed boldness in the political arena.
Attorney General Phill Kline goes to court seeking to halt state financing of abortions for Medicaid recipients. A lawsuit filed by Kline in Shawnee County District Court names Governor Sebelius and other state officials.

Kline argues that the use of state money for abortions violates a section of the Kansas Constitution that bans destruction of the lives of "men'' without due process. The lawsuit asks the court to interpret "men'' as meaning all humans at any stage of development. State Medicaid Director Scott Brunner said that from October through last week, the state paid 19-hundred dollars for seven abortions needed by Medicaid recipients. He said the federal-state program pays for abortions only in cases of rape or incest, or if the mother's life is in danger.
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