Tuesday, August 16

Most U.S.-born Latinos don't think illegal Hispanics should get drivers licenses

Legislation and government is by the people for the people. Why should we care what foreign born immigrants believe or want about this? This is the way democracy works. If you are a citizen, then you have a say. If not, then you don't. All immigrants should all be under the law. If you come into our country outside of the law--illegaly--then you will find yourself missing out on certain benefits and protection.
A majority of Hispanics born in the United States don't think illegal Hispanic immigrants should be given drivers' licenses, according to a new poll.

Most foreign-born Hispanics disagree, according to the polling for the Pew Hispanic Center.

Six in 10 Hispanics born in this country approve of measures to prohibit illegal immigrants from getting drivers' licenses, while two-thirds born in another country disapprove of such measures.
But wait, there is more! I would think the following quote would really cause Vicente Fox some serious concerns. Personally, it makes me wonder what is going on in this neighbor country of ours that makes so many people want to leave? On the flip side, for all those Anti-American sentiments going on, it sure doesn't seem to be affecting Mexican's admiration and desire to come to the United States.
Almost half of Mexicans, 46 percent, surveyed in May said they would go to the U.S. if they could. About two in five said they would be inclined to go live and work in the U.S. without authorization.

``The desire to migrate is not a phenomenon of the poor and poorly educated,'' Suro said. ``The inclination to migrate is powerful in the middle class in Mexico, even those with college educations say they would go to the United States if they could.''
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