Friday, August 19

Mexico funds staging areas for illegals

This is the last straw! Why is the Mexican government sanctioning illegal immigration. If they want to protect the lives of the hundres of Mexicans trying to illegaly cross the border, perhaps they should consider these options:

1. Crack down on corruption and improve your own economy.
2. Build a fence on the Mexican side, to prevent ilegal exodus of their labor pool.
3. Prosecute illegal immigrants caught and returned to the US.
4. Did I mention doing something about their economy? How about firing corrupt politicians that are bleeding the country dry.

Read it for yourself.
The Mexican staging area for illegal aliens that New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson demanded this week be bulldozed is among hundreds of similar sites along the border sponsored and maintained by the Mexican government.

Many of the sites are marked with blue flags and pennants to signal that water is available. Others, such as the Las Chepas site that Mr. Richardson denounced, are a collection of old, mostly abandoned buildings or ranch houses where illegals gather for water and other supplies -- sometimes bartering with smugglers, or "coyotes," for passage north.

Las Chepas, law-enforcement authorities said, also is a center for drug smugglers looking to move marijuana and cocaine into the United States.