Sunday, August 14

Happy Birthday Fidel Castro -- One Year closer to the end.

For Castro's birthday, I would like to point out a highlight of his life--the Cuban Missle Crisis. It goes to show that for the most part, Castro is still in power more as a result of the stupidity of world leaders, than because he is all that great of a man.

A secret CIA history of the Bay of Pigs has come to light, showing a slew of incompetence, stupidity, betrayal and unseriousness. It's very damning. Worst of all, JFK knew very well that the operation would fail and went ahead and did it anyway. The documents are here and the Miami Herald writeup is here.

Though I realize many of my readers are regular BabaluBlog readers, for those that are not, here are some good blogs to read in celebration of Castro's birthday. Make sure to check out and KillCastro, "whose excellent war blog is must-reading."

Of course, in honor of Castro, I wanted to highlight the true nature of workers rights in Cuba. Hat tip to BabaluBlog on this one.
AVANA, August 11 (José Antonio Fornaris, Cuba Verdad / - Ileana Pérez Ramírez, who was returned to Cuba June 21 after being seized at sea by the U.S. Coast Guards, has lost her job as a helper in a restaurant.

Lázaro Jorge García, a civil rights advocate in the municipality of Alquízar, said restaurant management arbitrarily changed her job and sent her into the streets with a push cart to sell food. After that, she was fired.

Under an agreement with the United States, rafters caught at sea and returned to Cuba by the Coast Guard have to be returned to their former jobs.

García said the action was taken against Pérez to discourage others from trying to leave the country, since many in Alquízar have already left.

Here is to celebrating one more year closer to the end of Castro's regime. Here is to prayers for the Cuban people--that they would hold on, keep the hope, and keep the fight just one year at a time.