Monday, August 29

Center for Immigration Studies Reports Terrorists Exploit Immigration Laws

Alarming article by the Associated Press on the abuse of our weak immigration laws and lack of enforcement and border security. This, if nothing else, should convince everyone of the need for improvement. Of course, I get the feeling that most of the nation is aware of the problem, with the exception of the fringe-left Latino advocacy groups.

Here is what is amazing to me: Why is it that left-leaning Latino advocacy groups can't see how much the illegal immigration problem is hurting the image of the Latino community? It is the actions of these fringe groups that increase stereotypes problems, and sink the Latino community further down the victim-hole. Of course, I am sure this would serve their purposes.

Well, here is on for the pro-amnesty immigration groups. Will it take another 9-11 to secure our borders? I do seriously pray that is not the case. But, reality is pointing towards exactly this. Read it for yourself.

Overall, 59 of 94 foreign-born nationals who were either convicted or indicted on terror charges broke federal immigration laws to enter or remain in the country between 1993 and 2004, the report found. It also noted:

  • Twenty-two of the 94 either had student visas or other applications approving them to study in the United States; another 17 used visitor visas to enter the country.
  • In at least 13 instances, suspected and convicted terrorists overstayed their temporary visas.
  • Seven of the 94 were indicted for using false driver's licenses, birth certificates, Social Security cards and immigration records.
  • Twenty-one became naturalized citizens.

The report identified many of the immigrants as affiliated with at least one terror organization, including 40 with al-Qaida, 16 with Hamas, 16 with the Palestinian or Egyptian Islamic Jihad, and six with Hezbollah.