Saturday, September 3

Larimer County Rep. Sen. Steve Johnson Supports Ref. C&D

How could any intelligent person believe that the government would know how to better spend $3.7 billion and that this is somehow supposed to be better for the residents of the state of Colorado? The key word here is refunded, which translated means "The money belongs to the residents, and for some reason, the government has been holding it hostage!"
Referendum C asks voters to allow the state to keep and spend a projected $3.7 billion over the coming five years, money that otherwise would have to be refunded to Coloradans. Referendum D asks voters to let the state issue up to nearly $2.1 billion in bonds to finance transportation projects and other improvements and programs.
The Daily Reporter-Herald is reporting today that supporters of referendum C & D are trying to build up support with a 350-mile long walk. What I find puzzling is why John Fryar, the Daily Reporter-Herald writer, calls the referendum a budget-stabilization measure? Is this a bias peaking through? Does that mean that if I am against referendum C & D, I am in support of de-stabilizing the state budget? Baloney!
Backers of two state budget-stabilization measures on the Nov. 1 ballot hope to demonstrate and build support for those referendums with a 350-mile-long “Colorado Walk” that starts today.
This is the sad part--Republican leadership in favor of more government spending. It is frustrating!
Sen. Steve Johnson, R-Larimer County, said he will try to participate in at least part of the Colorado Walk each day it is in Larimer County.
Here is a better idea. How about repealing the state tax, for starters! Take a look at what Florida is doing. When the state residents have more money in their pockets, they can buy bigger homes, more gas-guzzling cars, and go out to the theater more often. This all translates into more revenue for the state via a stimulated economy.

I personally do hope this referendum does head south to defeat. I, as I am sure many other Colorado residents, can't afford to have the government keep and mis-use more of my hard-earned money.
Ethan Eilon, a spokesman for the “Vote No! It’s Your Dough” organization campaigning against the measures, said walkers would at least symbolically be headed in the right direction.

Eilon predicted both referendums would “head straight south” to defeat.
Of course, when it starts becoming evident that the referendum might not pass, the proponents resort to attacks and allegations. This is why the left loves campaign laws--they can use them at their own whim to control the ability of opponents to speak the truth and debate the real issues.
The group campaigning for Referendums C and D filed a complaint Thursday, charging that a conservative think tank opposed to the measures is violating campaign laws.

"They're essentially running a campaign without reporting who their contributors are," said Katy Atkinson, spokeswoman for the Vote Yes on C&D campaign.

She was referring to the Golden-based Independence Institute, which claims its radio ads about C&D are educational, not political.
What I want to know, and what everyone should perhaps be asking, is why is it that the state needs this money? Why did they over-budget spending? Because this is what government does when you give them money.

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