Friday, September 2

Catholic Bishops in Latin America Deceived into Signing Pro-Abortion Statement

Vatican warning on "Catholic" pro-abortion campaign

This one should make your blood boil. It's also an alarming example that the battle for life has moved to a global battlefield. As pro-life individuals, we need to be attentive to what is happening around the world, because if the battle is lost outside our borders, there will be no resisting. Already our domestic courts are using International law as precedent for domestic court rulings--something that is unconstitutional, but what do they care.

This from Catholic World News:
Vatican, Sep. 02 (CNA/ - The Vatican Secretary of State has asked the bishops’ conferences of Latin America to be on the alert against a campaign by the pro-abortion group “Catholics for a Free Choice” (CFFC) to gather signatures from religious leaders in an attempt to support the concept of “reproductive health”-- a euphemism for abortion-- at the upcoming United Nations summit.

From September 14-16 the Millennium +5 summit will be held in New York. During the meeting, heads of state will discuss the proposals and goals set at the Millennium Summit of 2000.

CFFC is taking advantage of the opportunity to gather as many signatures as possible for a statement that endorses the concept of “reproductive health,” as it is described the documents issued after the Cairo population summit and the Beijing summit on Women. At these two summits, “reproductive health” was used to signify legal abortion; the Holy See and delegations from many other countries strongly rejected the concept.
That is what pro-abortion advocates stand on--lies and deception. Otherwise, everyone knows that if the truth about abortion, conception, and the formation of life came out and was widely known, abortions would go down!