Friday, September 2

Hold New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Accountable

UPDATE: More over at about the failure of Ray Nagin.
If the Democrats want to pass on blame to Bush, they may want to consider this picture at the Junkyard Blog.

Why is it that I don't hear anything about Nagin's lack of leadership and lack of preparation? What kind of city Mayor does not have a plan in place for this kind of thing? Specially in a city like New Orleans, being on the coast and below sea level. is reporting that "Black Congress Members Angry At Fed Hurricane Response" and I am again, wondering why these Black Congress members are not angry at their very own black Mayor Ray Nagin, a Democrat at that, for his lack of leadership and planning? Why is it that this man cannot keep control of his own city? It sounds to me like all the various groups in bed with the Democratic party got together for a whine session!
Black members of Congress expressed anger Friday at what they said was a slow federal response to Hurricane Katrina (search).

"It looks dysfunctional to me right now," said Rep. Diane Watson, D-Calif.

She and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus (search), along with members of the Black Leadership Forum, National Conference of State Legislators, National Urban League and the NAACP (search), held a news conference and charged that the response was slow because those most affected are poor.
I lived through Andrew, and there was some looting and crime, but things always remained under control. It makes me wonder if there is something socially and culturally wrong with a large percent of the New Orlean's population? Well, I correct myself--is there something wrong with those people we see in the scenes on television. Of course, I know the rest of the city is not like this, and it's not all as bad as the networks are painting it to be.

I would like to see the networks showing the churches, and community centers and other good people of New Orleans helping, standing together in this tough time, and holding out.

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