Saturday, September 3

Chavez in CNN Interview: Venezuela 'prepares for US invasion'

Chavez is running out of stories to continue getting his media attention, so he is now resorting to paranoid fiction. Like I have said before, I find it interesting that CNN is giving Chavez so much air time. Sounds to me like starting Telesur was a waste of money--CNN can do the same thing at no cost to the Venezuelan government.

My heart goes out to the Venezuelan people. Keep up the good fight, and don't give up. Freedom is worth every drop of blood shed.
Venezuela has uncovered plans for a US-led invasion and is preparing to defend the country against invading forces, President Hugo Chavez said in a report carried by the state-run news agency.

The Bolivarian News Agency reported late on Friday that Chavez made the comments during an interview with CNN. It was unclear when the interview was to be aired.

"If it occurs to the United States to invade our country - Fidel Castro said it and I agree - a war will start here to last 100 years," Chavez was quoted as saying. "We are preparing to repel an invasion."

Chavez has made similar claims in the past, and US officials have repeatedly denied them as ridiculous. Venezuela is the world's fifth largest oil exporter and a major supplier of fuel to the US.

"We discovered through intelligence work a military exercise that NATO has for an invasion against Venezuela, and we are preparing ourselves for that invasion," Chavez was quoted as saying.
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