Saturday, September 3

Mile High Delphi -- Predicting the outcomes of Colorado State Elections

I found a great blog on Colorado politics. If you are a Colorado resident, you have to check it out.
Mile High Delphi is dedicated to predicting the outcomes of Colorado State elections and United States elections with a 95% accuracy. Not just polling, but honest to god proven econometric models will be used to figure out the winners before the voters can. One Liberal and one Conservative cutting through the mess that is the media to give you the news you need.
I will be tracking the governor's race through this site. Check out their initial predictions.
Our predictions for the general election. Colorado had trended Republican during the late 90s and into the early part of this century, however a Democratic tidal-wave hit Colorado in 2004. Our preliminary prediction is that the Republican candidate has a slight advantage.
There is more, so make sure to head over and blogroll it.