Wednesday, July 6

Analysis of Hispanic late-news TV watchers

Hispanic consumers avidly watch the late local news on TV, according to a recent analysis by Scarborough Research. The study also found that multicultural viewers of late local news are more likely to buy certain types of vehicles and to spend more on wireless services than mainstream consumers.

According to Scarborough, Hispanic consumers are 26% more likely than all consumers nationally to cite late local news as a program they typically watch.

"U.S. Hispanics tend to be younger than the general market, as are viewers of late-night television," Cheryl Greenblatt, Scarborough senior VP of broadcast television services, said in a statement. "This is one reason why Hispanic consumers are more likely to tune into late local news broadcasts."

The report’s analysis of Hispanic late-news TV watchers also concluded:

  • They are 16% more likely than the average American to live in a household that is planning to buy or lease a new luxury vehicle within the next 12 months.

  • They are 48% more likely to live in a household that is planning to buy or lease a new van or minivan in the next year.
  • Those who subscribe to a wireless service spent an average of $67 on their cellular bills last month, versus the national average of $59.
  • Collectively, Hispanics spent more than $353 million on their cell phone bills during the last 30 days