Monday, July 4

Repeating The Mistake That Brought O'Connor

Read a great post at World Blog that I agree with. Interesting comments as well.

I am a Hispanic, but I do NOT want to feel "honored" by getting a Hispanic justice who flip-flops on issues, and doesn't stick to the constitution. I do not want another justice that produced constitutional rights from the figment of his or her imagination. We need a reliable originalist who is capable and experienced, and who has a track record of faithfully interpretation of the constitution--nothing less, nothing more. No more affirmative action for our supreme court!

All the senate has managed to do by all its obstruction is to politicize the courts. Now judges have to be concerned about how their decisions would be seen by the senate should they be nominated for a higher post. It puts the courts at the mercy of the winds of public opinion and PC.

Read the article by Thomas Sowell on Justice O'Connor's retirement, at

The political temptation may be great to appoint a Hispanic Justice or
another woman or some other nominee selected on the basis of group identity
rather than individual qualifications. At this crucial juncture in the history
of the Supreme Court, that would be needlessly repeating the mistake that
brought Sandra Day O'Connor to the High Court in the first place.