Thursday, July 7

Peru's Ambassador Pushing Andean Free Trade Agreement

By Josue Sierra

(CA--Los Angeles) The Los Angeles Metropolitan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce announced today the visit to LA by Peru's Ambassador, with the intent of fueling interest on Andean Free Trade Agreement.

As part of an ongoing effort to inform on The Andean Treaty, Eduardo Ferrero, Ambassador of Peru to Washington will address the agreement as the keynote speaker at the closing of three days activities for a Peruvian Trade Delegation visiting Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose, California on July 11 through 15

Mr. Ferrero will speak about the agreement between the Andean Countries (Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru) and the United States that, once implemented, will regulate the trade and investment relationship between the parties in a comprehensive manner, with the aim of increasing trade and investment flows and contributing to the economic and social development of the signatory countries.

Beyond market access and rules in trade in goods, services, investment, and government procurement, sources indicate that the free trade agreement would establish disciplines in areas such as intellectual property, customs administration, competition, labor, environment investment, services, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, technical barriers to trade, trade remedies and dispute settlement procedure.

Ambassador Ferrero has scheduled an appearance at a Luncheon Conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday July 13, San Francisco on Thursday July 14 and San Jose on July 15, to seek support and express how vital the treaty is for California businesses'.