Monday, July 4

Solid Democratic Leadership - Where are the Republicans?

Amazing that a Democrat would demonstrate such leadership, but there it is. Where is our party, the Republican Party, going? This is a great article, and it makes me ashamed to say I am a Hispanic.

Truth be told, some Hispanics, such as those mentioned here, have no regard to public decency and civic duty. Why should they--they emigrate illegally, and are protected by wacky laws that afford them rights never given by the constitution. Why should they care if we as a nation don't care that they care. We don't require them to leave. In some states, immigrants are allowed to take the citizenship oath in Spanish! That is ridiculous!

If you want to be a part of this country, if you want to enjoy the rewards of the price that was paid by our men and women through out history, then you should be willing to learn our history, develop an elemental grasp of our language, and seek to integrate and contribute to our culture. I don't advocate immigrants abandoning their rich culture, but they should be working to integrate, no the other way around!

We don't ask illegal immigrants to contribute in substantial ways (other than the cheap labor they provide). Ultimately, the victims of our weak immigration and poor boarder security are the illegal immigrants themselves. Read on...

Suffolk's Democratic County Executive Steve Levy says his hard-line stand on immigrant housing was forged over 16 years of knocking on doors in his South Shore legislative district.
"There's an incredible undercurrent of frustration," he said. "And when you hear someone who has 20 people living next to them urinating on their front lawn, it makes you want to help them."
Levy defends his posture by noting the uniqueness of the situation in this story.
...Circumstances in Farmingville were far different - all the occupants were undocumented immigrants so the county could not legally provide housing help. He also said the house was a "fire trap" that could not remain open.
If that building had caught on fire, the fringe left would be the first ones calling for lawsuits and protesting the rights of these immigrants to have safe, affordable housing. The county would get sued for even allowing such unsafe living conditions! There is just no way to win!!