Thursday, July 7

Too Many Catholics Not Taking Their Faith Seriously

In today's world where more and more denominations are capitulating to the winds of political correctness, it is refreshing to see the Roman Catholic church making a stand for life.

Reuters reported about an 88-page working document for a synod of bishops to be held in October.
...the Vatican decried dwindling attendance at Sunday Mass, and reaffirmed a rule that Catholics who divorce and remarry outside the Church cannot take communion.
Reuters writes that the Vatican on Thursday said
...too many Roman Catholics were not taking their religion seriously and that those faithful who receive communion and still support abortion rights were behaving scandalously.
Scandalously. You can't have it both ways. You are either a true sincere person of faith, and live as such, or you are not. Pretending to be one for the sake of polls and public opinion is, well, scandalous.

Let's not get confused. All people of faith are imperfect people, with flaws and a history of mistakes. This is not the issue at heart. The question lies in relativist approach some want to take to the practice of religion and faith, when the teachings of these faiths are absolute in nature. There is a right. There is a wrong. For a majority of American's, we agree that when someone commits a wrong, or when a wrong is pointed out, the best response is humble confession and resolution. Not denial. Not deception. Not relativistic, "I'm sorry if I offended you...(but I didn't do anything wrong)." This is no apology, but I digress...

This is a good read for all those so-called Catholic senators.
Some Catholics say they personally would not have an abortion but, in pluralistic societies such as the United States, feel obliged to support a woman's right to choose.

But the Church, which teaches that life begins at the moment of conception and that abortion is murder, says Catholics cannot have it both ways.