Tuesday, July 5

Take a Walk in Our Boots--The War on Terror

I have nothing else to ad. Read the whole letter by CPL CASEY L. ALLEN, U.S. MARINE CORPS. He makes me proud to be an American.
To anyone opposed to the war on terror, or America's policing role in the Middle East, I challenge you to go on a patrol with any platoon in 1st Bn, 6th Marines. Walk down the streets of Fallujah and see the look in an Iraqi child's eyes as he waves and cheers you by. Shake the hand of an Iraqi man thanking you for his family's freedom. I know I belong here because I see what they don't show on CNN. What they don't print in the newspapers. I see what President Bush is trying to tell the world, if they would only be quiet long enough to listen. Take a walk in our boots, but make sure you give them back. We're not finished here yet.
If you want to do something tangible in support of our troops, this is the site to go to. Check both of them out. www.treatanysoldier.com has some pre-set packages you can send out, that have been proven to be just whatever every male or female soldier needs. Also, check out www.anysoldier.com for lists of soldiers and their needs.