Wednesday, July 6

More From Spain on the Gay Marriage Vote

The Spanish Congress voted to overturn a Senate veto and legalize gay marriage by a vote of 187 to 147, making Spain the third world nation to do so on a national level. My sources tell me that pro-family groups served Spanish President Zapatero with a petition signed by 4 million opponents of this legislation. This basically means that the Spanish government is obligated to let the voting public decide for themselves via a referendum within two years whether they want this decision to stand.

The way the citizens seem to have mobilized, I have no doubt they will have enough votes. We'll see how Zapatero's administration responds, and whether they accept the rule of law.

Internal memos I read report that just within the evangelical community, approximately 700,000 signatures where contributed to this petition. This is not just a catholic issue. This is not just a religious issue. This is about the stability and strength of a society.