Friday, July 8

Leadership in the Face of Opposition

I admire Giuliani. For someone who is favor of abortion, I have to say he displays more character and fortitude in the face of liberals and politics, than some of our conservative leadership. Of what use is moral statements, valid as they may be, if the same individual does not display steadfast leadership? Let us all hope, now in the face of two retirements from the Supreme Court, our President demonstrates leadership in keeping his campaign promise of nominating strict originalist to the court. This article caught my attention. It's a case study of left v. right and the consequences of being moderate or centrist.

We miss Rudy; even some of the people who could barely stand him at the time miss him. The administration of the current mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has turned out to be, as Fred Siegel puts it in this very insightful and very argumentative book, a 'moderately competent muddle.'' The Giuliani years were neither moderate nor muddled.

Giuliani was the rare politician who actively sought confrontation, both because he believed that the unexamined opinions and entrenched interests he was taking on needed to be publicly exposed and because nature made him that way.