Friday, July 8

Freedom to Choose--The Right to Change One's Sexual Identity

by Caleb H. Price
The on-going controversy surrounding Focus on the Family’s Love Won Out conference reveals the hypocrisy of liberals who call for “tolerance” and unquestioned acceptance of “diversity” yet attempt to stifle all opposing views to their politically correct, pro-gay agenda. As a result, another liberal mantra – the freedom to choose – is denied to those seeking to walk out of unwanted homosexuality.

Apparently, in today’s America you can still Be Who You Want to Be – so long as it isn’t “ex-gay.”

Even more troubling is the vitriol unleashed against those who dare to consider the notion that homosexuality is not an immutable characteristic. Pro-gay activists regularly charge that messages such as those shared at Love Won Out are “vile,” “dangerous” and “deplorable.” Much of their most virulent rhetoric is saved for the debate over the cause of homosexuality.

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