Tuesday, July 5

Being Politically Correct Isn't Protecting Americas Borders

This is a great piece by Ken Hughes! I've been talking here about the need for economic and social reform in the countries supplying the illegal immigration.
The immigration problem isn’t going away with a lot of, political rhetoric. The first step is to recognize the things that entice illegals to come to America. Employment, health care, education, freedom of expression, all the things they lack in their own countries. When America exports it’s culture it must expect repercussions, in this case illegal immigration. To the rest of the world Americas streets are paved with opportunity. Like it or not America is big brother to the world, America is the brass rings on the Mary-go-round.
I like how he concludes his piece:
Is America losing sight of the fact we’re a nation of immigrants? The Lady in New your harbor holds a torch guiding the path to America. Granted she has her back turned on our southern neighbors I doubt it was intentional. America’s always been inundated by immigration. We’ve managed to survive those condition that sent masses to our shore. We’ve always prospered form it despite the naysayers.

I’m sure my words will fall on deaf ears. Politicians and the Politically Correct advocates have a stake in the statuesque. Making any positive changes in the system would disrupt their agenda. When you read about the evils of illegal immigration, remember it’s us not them who empower the system. Like water, immigration follows the paths of least resistance. Without enforcement of domestic laws, no amount of border security will be effective.