Friday, August 26

The Big One: Results & Analysis from Patrick Ruffini

The results are in:
Top Lines: As of 7 a.m. EDT on August 26, with a whopping 16,437 votes cast, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani wins the Big One with 30.0%. Virginia Senator George Allen places second with 20.1%, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is a strong third at 14.3%, and Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney finishes fourth with 9.1%. On the fantasy ballot, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice laps the field with 37.7%, with Vice President Dick Cheney at 14.0%, Florida Governor Jeb Bush at 9.2%, and former Senator Fred Thompson at 8.1%. All four fantasy candidates finished above the main ballot candidates when voters were asked if they would switch their votes – among other things, a possible ballot design issue.
Very interesting analysis from Ruffini. Make sure to head over and read the whole thing. This will change the face of the 2008 elections!