Wednesday, August 24

Who needs Telesur when you have CNN

I think Chavez has wasted his money. Instead of spending money on a TV startup, he should have purchased stock on CNN, and made sure all Venezuelan homes can see it. It certainly seems to do a great job in espousing the left's views.

I did a search at on the War in Iraq, and the results give a picture of just how CNN sees the war. The bias is more than evident. It's all about doom, defeat, protests, and discontent. One would think we where losing the battle, and that the majority of Americans are against what our armed forces are doing. If this was so, then I ask, why did Bush, and many other republicans, win the elections? Why is it that election after election, the conservatives keep winning at the polls?

You figure it out. You might want to tune out CNN--it will help you think with better clarity.

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