Wednesday, August 24

South Africa, Pro-life doctors mount abortion challenge

Interesting article on a challenge being mounted against recent pro-abortion legislation in South Africa.

The four legislations, the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Amendment Bill; the Traditional Health Practitioners Bill; the Sterilisation Amendment Bill; and the Dental Technicians Amendment Bill, have already been signed into law by President Thabo Mbeki.

A lot of the article is a complex presentation and arguments on their constitutional issues. Let us hope the pro-life doctors have a favorable result. A key question is what was done to oppose these legislations before they where enacted? Unfortunately, I have seen much to often that pro-life and conservative groups react to late to make a difference. If life is to be preserved, and human rights are to be defended, pro-life groups, church denominations, and conservative organizations need to mobilize, organize, and unite to bring attention to these issues before the battles are lost.

Anti-abortion Doctors for Life International is asking the Constitutional Court to declare that parliament failed to give the public enough time to have their say before passing four bills relating to abortion.

Although extensive public hearings were heard in the process leading to the bills being considered in the National Assembly, the doctors say the same should have happened when they were passed by the National Council of Provinces.