Wednesday, August 24

Patrick Ruffini's August Straw Poll: The Big One

Head on over and make your voice heard.
This one should be fun. It's pretty much all the likely candidates as they stand today in a main ballot, and a bonus ballot with the opportunity to vote for four of your favorite fantasy contenders. Once you get to the results page, you'll see exactly which likely candidates the fantasy candidates take the most from.

Here's another reason why this one's the Big One. On your ballot, you'll have the opportunity to mark your state. If this poll is as big as the last one (@13,000 responses), we'll have a statistically valid sample of online activists not just nationally, but in most of the fifty states. On the results page, you can filter the results by state, by region, or by Red vs. Blue states.

As always, we're tracking results by blog. All center-right bloggers who participated in the previous polls are encouraged to do so again to see how their readers are trending over time. And if you haven't yet done so, feel free to join in for this and future straw polls. Here are the results from last time for comparison's sake.

Some tips to ensure quality results:

1. Try and vote every question. The state and fantasy candidate questions should prove very interesting.
2. The fantasy ballot pits the four new candidates against the rest of the field. If you don't wish to change your vote from the main ballot, just vote "Keep My Vote the Same."


Also, some great comments at on the whole Condi for President fantasy. Check it out.
But if Rice runs, the campaign won't be about electing the first black woman president. It'll be a referendum on Iraq, involving one architect of the policy. At this point, the environment for such a referendum is, shall we say, hostile. Even if things look better a year from now, Iraq exhaustion will hurt.

Rice should discourage this Condimania. We need to focus on the candidates who plan to run. Them or Fred.