Wednesday, August 24

The Future in an Abortion Free America?

Interesting article about the arrest of 3 individuals performing illegal abortions in Yogyakarta. I am glad that abortion laws are being enforced, but being that this is a Muslim country, I wonder what is being done for women in regards to support, adoption options, and just basic human rights?

This makes me also think the best thing for America is not necessarily complete criminalization of abortion, but a radical transformation of the culture. When individuals can rule their lives by the Universal moral code that transcends history and time, then Roe-v-Wade won't even matter.

Let me clarify--I do believe abortion should be illegal. Human life begins at conception, and human rights dictate that be respected. No man, not I said man, should ever be able to legally take the life of another. But I just think society would be that better off when people are able to understand the implications of their choices, and the consequences that come with those. Abortion is no simple choice, and it affects relatives, the men in the relationship, the unborn baby, and of course, the hurting mother.

It's to bad that this story doesn't really ad value to the issue--helping hurting women, and defending and nurturing their role as women, wives, and mothers.
Yogyakarta police have arrested three people for performing some 300 abortions, mostly at a particular hotel in Yogyakarta and another in Semarang, over the past two years.

The three people nabbed were Agam Teguh Darmawan, 29, a Semarang resident who claimed to be the doctor, assisted by Hengki Ferrari, 27, a Klaten regency resident and Bambang Tukiyat, 32, a Yogyakarta resident. During the arrest on Sunday in a hotel in Yogyakarta, the police also detained two students one identified as A.R. and his girlfriend L.N., who were thought to be clients. The police also confiscated a variety of medical equipment such as needles, antibiotics and other items.