Monday, August 22

Question du jour

I just discovered a powerful and compelling site today. I should warn you, if you are in favor of abortion on demand, you may want to stay out of this web site. It is a powerful memorial after memorial for those women that have died because of abortion.

Hat tip to Mona at GrannyTiger's Reality Check for pointing it out. I'll be keeping an eye on it.

Christina Dunigan asks a pretty interesting question I would like to invite you to respond to.
Imagine that some wealthy media mogul offers to give you one hour of prime time broadcast time on a major network. He'll cover the advertising to promote the broadcast, and he'll cover all the costs of producing something to air in that hour if you don't choose to air an existing work. The only restriction is that the goal of your broadcast must be to help reduce the annual number of abortions.

What would you choose to broadcast, and why?
I invite you to head over to RealChoice at and post your comments and response at her site.